AMUL cow milk AMUL cow milk
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AMUL cow milk ..

₹ 22


Amul Curd 200 gmAmul Curd 200 gm
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Amul Curd 200 gm..

₹ 15

curd is traditional food. prepared after fermenting milk with active culture.

Amul Gold MilkAmul Gold Milk
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Amul Gold Milk..

₹ 28

Amul Milk is the most hygienic liqid milk available in the market .

Amul Shakti MilkAmul Shakti Milk
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Amul Shakti Milk..

₹ 25

Cow Is Good For Health

Amul Shakti Milk 1 litreAmul Shakti Milk 1 litre
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Amul Shakti Milk 1 l..

₹ 48

milk is good for health

Amul Taaza Homogenised Milk 1 litreAmul Taaza Homogenised Milk 1 litre
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